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Free Advertising...

Several Admins at your favorite exchanges are members of DownlineExtreme. They have partnered with us to bring you special advertising at their exchanges, Specifically For You, Our Extreme Team Members.

FREE Software...

As a member of The Extreme Team you will be given 100's of products (Software, Video Tutorials, Ebooks, Programs & more) with various resale rights to do with as you wish. You can use them to build your business, build your list, or even sell them to earn profits. As you acheive a higher membership level on the Extreme Team, you will also receive additional products with better resale rights.
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FREE Training...

Our TeamCoaches include Software Developers, Exchange Owners, Web Designers, Top Marketers, and more. We will be holding regular training sessions on specific areas to maximize your business building efforts.


For Example:

  • Learn how to qualify a program by looking at more than just the graphics and the text that they put on the front page of their site, "BEFORE YOU SPEND YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY!"

  • Learn to identify a $5 GoDaddy-Site-Overnight Design, if a $5 script is running the Membership Site or Matrix, or if their using a free ning forum for their back office, Why is this Very Important?. "If the program owner is not willing to invest money in their own program, "WHY SHOULD YOU"!"

  • Rob & Trishah, Founders and Developers of the TrafficSwarm Surge Program, Will personally teach our members the most effective way to use TrafficSwarm Surge to easily gain an extra 5,000 page views from TrafficSwarm to your offers, each and every month. (This is a Brand New Program for 2009 and all Extreme Team members will be a the forefront of its viral explosion!)

  • TeamCoach Duane Robbins, Developer of MercuryMaxIM Software, Will personally teach our members the most effective way to use his MMIM Skype Blaster Software to easily build your Skype contacts list by the thousands at the push of a button. (This is Brand New Software for 2009 and all Extreme Team members will be a the forefront of its viral explosion!)

  • TeamCoach Mike Dodd, of the 1stMondayGroup, Will personally teach our members the most effective way to use Exchanges, Social Networks, and other Community Sites, to maximize your advertising campaigns.

Free Membership...

First and foremost, Joining The Extreme Team is 100% Free. We have 4 membership levels that are all Free & earned by referring other free members. Everyone that joins starts at the Teammate Level and earns their upgrades. We are the ONLY team on the internet that opperates 100% Free and offers you so much.

  • At our Teammate Level, you will receive most products in our library for your own personal use.

  • After referring only 5 new teammates you will be upgraded from a Teammate to a TeamLeader For Free. At our TeamLeader Level, you will be rewarded with additional products with Reasle Rights.

  • After referring only 20 new teammates you will be upgraded from a TeamLeader to a TeamCaptain For Free. At our TeamCaptain Level, you will be rewarded with additional products with Master Reasle Rights on various products.

  • After referring only 35 new teammates you will be upgraded from a TeamCaptain to a TeamCoach For Free. At our TeamCoach Level, you will rewarded with additional products with Private Label Rights.

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Why Is 100% Free?

"What's in this for Rob & Trishah?"


Rob Nunes here, Co-Founder of

In order to build the biggest and best team on the planet, we need to start by investing in you, "The Extreme Team". Knowledge is power only if you can share it with others and everyone can benefit from it.

As we see it, internet marketing today is "MISSING" a few key components that are neccesary for your success, Knowledge, Relationships, and Training! They want you to be a member of the herd and you are not being taught anything, you are only being asked to follow.

Our mission is to create a healthy balance between Viral Marketing and Traditional Marketing Methods. To not only give you the tools, but to also teach you how to use them for the overall betterment and success for yourself and the entire team!

If you ever hope to become a successful internet marketer and make the HUGE profits that you deserve, you will need to have a team of the right people, doing the right things, at the right times. Like a finely tuned machine! (This is not something you stumble on, it's something you create!)

In order for Trishah and I to acheive our internet marketing goals, we need to help you attain yours.




A Truly Unique System...

The Admin Team at Downline Extreme periodically gets Pr-Launch and Soft-Launch invites before almost anyone else on the net.

For Example:

  • Trishah and I were invited into a program the beginning of May 2009. This program is running a 3x12 Matrix System with a 2x1 Quick Pay Cycler. This program is scheduled to launch Publicly the beginning of October. I can't say much about that program yet, We are bound by a confidentiality Agreement.

  • What I can tell you is that Trishah and I do not own the program, we were invited. I can also tell you that we are 2-people removed from the owner, Meening the owner of the program sponsored one of our ExtremeTeam Members in his front line 3. I was then sponsored on the 2nd row of the ENTIRE COMPANY MATRIX!

  • I only mention that to show the type of opportunities that present themselves to our ExtremeTeam Members.

  • What does that meen to you? Exctreme Positioning, Extreme Profits, Extreme Fun... It's tough to get higher in a Matrix than that.

After we do our due-dillagence and qualify a program, just like Texas Hold-Em, when we are dealt a good program, "Where All In"! All ExtremeTeam Members will get invites from their ExtremeTeam Sponsors at least 24 - 48hrs before the program is unveiled to the public. You will then have "THE OPTION" to play or pass.


Our contact system ensures that your downline remains your downline in any program that Our ExtremeTeam opts to go "ALL IN" on. Your downine remains your downline in any programs we option to join, putting you into profits of that program from day 1, IMMEDIATELY!

Optioning To Play On A New Program: Your sponsor will forward to you his/her signup link, you will join that program and then forward your New Program Referral link to your ExtremeTeam Downline. Your personal referrals will join off your link. They will forward their link on to their downline, building you a "HUGE MONEY MAKING DOWNLINE YOUR VERY FIRST DAY!

Optioning To Pass On A New Program: When your sponsor forwards you his/her signup link, you will then pass your sponsors link on to your ExtremeTeam Downline. Your personal referrals will join under your sponsors link because you opted to pass. forwarding their link on to their downline, and so on.

The exponential growth of your downline, UNLIMITED REFERRALS WIDE & UNLIMITED LEVELS DEEP, is what will explode your business!

Your income potential is Phennominal.


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